Race meeting Report - 6th June

The weekend arrived with the weather luckily holding out after a horrendous week of rain and more rain.


We had a total of 39 entrants and it was disappointing to see only 4 Seniors attend this meeting.


In the Junior National Heavy class, once again the Buchanan brothers (Hayden & Brady) and Mitchell Blanch along with Brock Greedy and David Jolly had a great tussle within the racing throughout the day putting on a great show, with Mitchell coming up the winner this time around.


The racing over the weekend was very competitive with some great stoushes happening in many classes.



1st – Ryley Brunner - Newcastlee

2nd – Cody Johnson - Newcastle

3rd – Todd Stocks - Manning

4th – Damon Schofield - Newcastle

5th – Blake Everleigh - Newcastle



1st – Samual Hadley - Newcastle

2nd – Timothy Aebi – Coffs Harbour

3rd –  Lucas Allan - Newcastle

4th – Benito Montalbano – North Shore

5th – Tane Schofield - Newcastle



1st – Torey Blanch – Port Macquarie

2nd - Alexander Ramsay - Manning

3rd – Gordon Ings - Newcastle

4th – Thomas Hungerford - Manning

5th – Lorren Garland - Manning



1st – Mitchell Blanch – Port Macquarie

2nd - Brady Buchanan – Port Macquarie

3rd – Brock Greedy - Manning

4th – Hayden Buchanan – Port Macquarie

5th – David Jolly – North Shore



1st – Dennis Tyrrell - Port Macquarie

2nd – Robert Brown – Port Macquarie


TAG – Restricted 125 – LIGHT:

1st – David Campbell – Port Macquarie


TAG – Restricted 125 – HEAVY:

1st – Paul Parker – Port Macquarie


The next race meeting will be Sunday 18th July 2010 and will incorporate Round 5 of the Club Championship.


If you are looking for a great day out (No entry fee for spectators) come along and have a look at the top level of Go Kart racing at the Pacific Park Raceway.


Check out our web site  www.portmacquariekartclub.com.au for more information on our club and general information on Go Karting.


Submitted by: Karen Liddell, Mobile: 0417-420-629

Junior National Heavy - June 2010

Junior National Heavy June2010