Outcomes from the National Karting Conference

The National Karting Council met in Sydney on the weekend.

Some of the major outcomes of the conference are as follows:

Name change for Midgets class
Effective as of January 1, 2012 the youngest class of Australian karting will be known as Cadets. This name change will bring Australia in line with the majority of the other karting organisations across the world and assist with making the sport more understandable for the outsider.

Senior National Australian Championship
As of the 2012 National Sprint Kart Championships, Senior National will be combined for State and National Championships at a minimum weight of 150kg.

Sportsman/TaG categories
During the November conference the National Karting Council and karting industry held some lengthy discussions about the future of the Touch and Go (TaG) categories. These conversations have continued over time and last weekend the following outcomes were decided:

All State Associations will offer this category at club and local, closed and open events, other than state and national championships, as a substitute of single-make 125cc engine categories.

The promoters of the Rotax and Leopard classes can promote a maximum of five (5) promoter events for their specific classes within each state. These events will be nominated by the class promoter to the state body and dates negotiated with the State Association.

Driver Limitations:
To be eligible to compete in the Sportsman 125 class, drivers must have a minimum of a B Grade Senior Licence.

Engine Eligibility:
A variety of TAG (Touch and Go) style engines are eligible for use in this category. Engines can be added or removed at any time by the class promoter.
All engines and their respective ancillaries must conform to their individual class regulations.

Engines without an individual class must conform to the technical specifications of the engine, available at www.karting.net.au

Current eligible engines are:-
1. PRD Fireball 125cc
2. Rotax Max 125cc
3. Parilla Leopard 125cc
4. Parilla Leopard X30 125cc.
5. SQ Cheetah 125

Rotax: 160kg (Light) 180kg (Heavy)
Leopard: 160kg (Light) 180kg (Heavy)
Fireball: 155kg (Light) 175kg (Heavy)
Parilla Leopard X30 125: 160kg (Light) 180kg (Heavy)
SQ Cheetah: 155kg (Light) 175kg (Heavy)

The tyres for this class will be selected from the list below by the appropriate State Association and advised in the supplementary regulations.

Dry weather tyres:
Mojo D2

Wet weather tyres:
MG WZ White
Mojo W2
Dunlop KT6SLW1

Hall of Fame
The National Karting Council voted to introduce a Hall of Fame to recognise the competitive achievements within the sport of karting by members, both current and former.

The initial inductees, who had previously been inducted into a Vintage Hall of Fame or honoured by the CIK Stars of Karting Series, are as follows:

- John Pizarro
- Graham Powles
- Brian Hunter
- James Courtney
- Jon Targett