Open Letter from the Founding Club President

History and Some Facts about Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club

The Club formed at a well attended meeting, Settlers Inn, a Thursday night in August 1985 (as reported in the Port Macquarie News). The elected office bearers were as follows:

President          – John Missen

Vice President – Martin Wallis

Secretary          - Wendy Obrien

Treasurer          - Bob O’Brien

Publicity Officer – Paul Gilfeather


The committee at that time was elected by the members and was responsible for the everyday running of the club and also to promote the sport of kart racing.

In 1985 the committee never considered, that in the future, any track belonging to the club would be leased to others to run a hire kart business. That decision was made by a committee elected by the members of that time who were responsible for the everyday running of the club and in the interests of the club. There was to be no interference by others as the elected committee and membership made a decision that was Final.


Here we are in 2011, the elected committee and members of Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club, who are the owners of the entire racing facility, have made a decision not to renew a lease for others to run a hire kart business. That decision, as with all committee’s previous decisions, is Final. – What is not to understand !!


The running of the club and its objectives is for the club to decide and not for outside interference. Have your say, become a member, better still – become a kart racer. Over 40 years involvement in this sport the comment I hear the most “John, those years with our sons and daughters’ were some of the best years of our lives.”


As the founding president and life member of Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club, I can assure the interested people of Port Macquarie that the club is in very good hands and that I am proud of the advancement of the club and track facility over the past eight years under the leadership of the elected club president – Tracy Stewart and his elected committee.


In conclusion I would recommend people visit this facility and see for themselves what karting, as a sport has to offer. I am sure Port Macquarie will be proud of this club’s achievements.


Yours in Karting

JW Missen

Founding President and Life Member


ps  Some additional history


Prior to the club being formed in 1985, several locals were members of other clubs and raced at tracks in other towns such as Wingham, Newcastle, Tamworth, Gunnedah and Lismore. (The Raleigh track was not in existence at this time). Port Macquarie needed its own club. Interest in the sport had gained momentum through word of mouth and a couple of static displays held at Settlement City and in Horton Street. The club was affiliated with the Australian Karting Association later that year in 1985.

 Port Macquarie had the largest membership in NSW of a club operating without its own track. Our first real race meeting on our own track and with an AKA permit, was held in March 1988 at Greenhills, Armidale Rd Kempsey and was a great exciting day for all racers and their families and friends. As a club and with so many families involved we held picnic days at Lake Cathie, ran chook raffles and always helped each other out. As a club, Port Macquarie had some Definite Objectives: 
  • Promote and encourage Kart Racing and co-operate with kindered bodies in fostering and maintaining karting as a family sport.
  • Organise, conduct social outings and maintain the prestige of Port Macquarie Club and the sport.
  • To train and encourage people of all ages, respect and control of a vehicle with courtesy and goodwill.

I believe that the existing club president Tracy Stewart is passionate about our sport and has always considered our original objectives. He has my full support.


Once again

Yours in Karting

JW Missen